Home Network issues

Posted by ReliefTech on September 14, 2016

Computer Services Cheltenham - Customer contacted us asking for help to fix their internet issues, when we arrived we learnt that the internet was dropping out at a particular area of the house. This was due to a wifi router not being able to broadcast the signal far enough. We were going to install a range extender however the client requested to install a new router. We installed a dual-band N900 router which fixed the range issue and allowed all devices to connect, it also increased their download speed.

Mac Pro Repair

Posted by ReliefTech on September 12, 2016

Computer Services Caulfield - Client called with an issue that her Mac Pro wasn't turning on, once on-site we re-seated the RAM as corrupted data was preventing the system from turning on. After the re-seat the computer booted up and no files were lost or damaged. Sometime when computers are shut off properly the data stored in RAM becomes corrupted and causes a system halt. Starving the computer of electricity is one way of resolving this issue however some RAM still has left over power in it, that's where a re-seat fixes the issue.

Power supply failure at the Dentist

Posted by ReliefTech on September 12, 2016

Computer Services Frankston - A local business client contacted us claiming their computer wasn't able to turn on this morning. We sent out a tech and were able to confirm our suspicions of a faulty power supply, our tech came prepared did a quick swap over and it was back to business as usual. If your computer is failing to turn on, check the cable first by testing it in another wall socket, if that doesn't work try a different cable of the same type and if that doesn't work you may need to replace your power supply. 

Website maintenance

Posted by ReliefTech on September 8, 2016

Website Services Beaconsfield - Client requested a layout update of their website, we logged in, made the layout changes and tested the website responsiveness. If your website is feeling dull and dated there are a vast range of options to give it a fresh look.

Virus Removal

Posted by ReliefTech on September 8, 2016

Virus Removal Clayton - Customer called with a computer that was running very slow, after a quick diagnosis we were able to determine the computer was infected with a variety of viruses. From malware to tracking cookies after a deep system scan the computer started functioning as it should. Viruses generally affect system performance by starving your computer of resources by flooding the system with junk data. Call us for some free tips on being proactive when it comes to virus prevention.