Windows to Mac Migration

Posted by ReliefTech on September 7, 2016

Computer Services Moorabbin - One of our business clients has decided to migrate from Windows to Mac, we successfully transitioned all their daily business applications into the Mac environment. We configured their email, setup the printers, accounting software and CRM software. Looking to make the transition from Mac to Windows or vice-versa? We are here to help, we can provide free advice over the phone to see what is the right solution for your business. We take the stress out of your IT needs!

Laptop Screen Repair

Posted by ReliefTech on September 7, 2016

Screen Repair Seaford - We performed a screen replacement after receiving a call from a customer whose son dropped their laptop damaging the screen. One of our techs went on-site picked up the damaged laptop and replaced the screen. Have you fallen victim to a cracked laptop screen? Why not call us for a free quote?

Prices vary on different model laptops as some are touchscreen and others have high resolution 4K displays, if you are unsure please contact us for free advice! We are here to help.

Windows password restore

Posted by ReliefTech on September 5, 2016

Computer Services Frankston - Customer forgot their login password and required it urgently as they had an assignment due, we sent out a tech to investigate and the issue was resolved in a matter of minutes. Forgotten your passwords? Why not contact us to see if we can help retrieve your logins and reset any forgotten passwords. We also give free advise on password management tools.

Backup job Mornington

Posted by ReliefTech on September 2, 2016

Computer Services Mornington - Client called us worried that he nearly lost all his data previously due to a faulty hard drive cable, He then rang us up the next day wanting a backup solution for future purposes in case of data loss, so we setup and provided a backup system. 

Fix Internet issues

Posted by ReliefTech on September 2, 2016

Computer Services Pakenham - Client called us reporting their internet service was down, we arrived on site discovered the modem was playing up which we replaced and configured to get them back up and running to resume business as normal.