Affordable prices for your convenience

We appreciate that time is money, therefor we aim to maintain competitive and affordable prices to ensure our clientele consistently receive outstanding  value for money. The complexity of IT systems can be overwhelming so our pricing structure caters for different levels of computing needs.

 Rates & Fees 

  • First hour is $139 for both home and businesses then below rates apply
  • Residential customers, Home users $99 p/h
  • Home business and Small businesses $120 p/h 
  • Remote Support - $99 p/h (minimum 1 hour)
  • No Fix No Fee - If we arrive onsite, and find we can't help you, unlike other IT repair businesses, we won't charge you if we can't help.  However, if you'd like us to take away a PC, laptop or any parts to see if we can fix it, we do charge an inspection fee to investigate if something can be repaired or if data can be retrieved. The inspection fee is $99.

Managed IT services for small to medium businesses 

Speak to us about our proactive approach to managing your IT systems, by monitoring your network and performing routine maintenance regularly, we can ensure that issues are identified and avoided wherever possible. Fixing technology issues is more expensive than preventing them.  We will use a combination of monitoring and maintenance best practices to make sure that your network is running smoothly. Any issues that could have been avoided will be prevented, and any issues that could not be prevented will be fixed faster than ever! Call us today to arrange a free tailored assessment at your business or workplace. 

Lease or finance options for Small Businesses

Benefits of leasing with our partners at FlexiCommercial

  • Get access to fast computer technology without affecting cash flow
  • Get access to Finance - Access to secure financing arrangements with minimal paperwork.
  • Conserve Cash Flow - Keep cash flowing and maintain liquidity by leasing equipment.
  • Tax Deductible - Lease payments may be 100% tax deductible.
  • End of Term options - Leasing provides you with a choice of options at the end of term. 
  • Get a complete solution quickly - Bundle all your equipment and technology into a FlexiCommercial lease and enjoy quick access to finance from one lender.

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Payment Methods