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Data loss is a serious matter yet many small business don't perform regular backups. If your businesses were to become victim to a disaster, would you be able to continue serving your customers? a recent survey of small businesses showed that:  

  • 90% of businesses that experience significant data loss are out of business within 2 years
  • More than 50% of businesses that suffer significant data loss never open their doors again.
  • Less than 10% businesses store backups in a secure off site location.

How would you explain to your clients, colleagues or employees that you can no longer serve them due to a data loss disaster? Protect your data and have it stored securely offsite for 12 months with our small business backup services. We have developed a 7 step backup system that will guarantee to keep your data safe, secure and make it easily restorable whenever you need it. We have carefully selected the right hardware, software & security features to bring you a fast, secure ultra-performing data security system that will guarantee recovery in case of a disaster.



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