Need Help with setting up your new iPhone & iPad?

We often purchase the latest technology to simplify our lives, but more often than not it's not as easy to set up as we think.

At Relief IT not only do we specialise in setting up Apple products, we come to you at your convenience. We set up, configure and sync your Apple products including Apple TV, Airport Extreme and more. Apple products can become confusing when setting up however once set up they are usually easy to navigate and use. If you've been trying to work it out but hit a brick wall then waste no more time and contact us today. Synch your email and calendar correctly and never miss an entry again.

When it comes to ITunes, consumers are unaware of the impacts that storage capacities will have to their new iPhone or iPad. Often consumers are faced with confusing choices when it comes to storage. Apple products can come with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage capacity, but which is right for you? Relief IT can remove the guess work and will recommend the right product depending on your individual usage, simply call us for free advice. 

Apple sync works well by keeping your media purchases sync'd across all devices but what happens when your 8GB iPad fills up and you have more media stored on a 32GB iPhone? The best way for an iTunes setup is to have them all centralised on a media server or external hard drive, this allows streaming from all compatible devices and but what happens when each of your apple products have a different storage capacity and one fills up faster than the other?