Welcome to Relief IT

We run a Purpose and Values driven business who's purpose is to free up people's time so they can do more of what they love. We do this by eliminating work using well designed IT sytems and computers. 

We are a leading IT repair and consulting service available to both residential and business customers. We specialise in providing onsite IT repairs, IT support, advanced or basic technical training at your home or office, at your convenience.

With over 15 years of IT experience we have strong and extensive knowledge on the various issues individuals may encounter. Our aim is to deliver cost effective IT solutions while sustaining a high standard of quality and ethical workmanship. 

With Relief IT increasingly developing from strength to strength, we have experienced an uplift in our quality referrals and repeat business over the last few years, meaning our customer satisfaction levels are at their highest and are continually growing. 

What is unique about our products?

We will painstakingly analyze every piece of equipment/hardware before we even consider offering them to our customers.  Without hesitation we promise a 24 month warranty which empowers our customer to believe in our high quality standards and expertise in providing great tailored solutions. 

What is unique about our service?

Our staff are prepared to take on the responsibility such as dealing with manufactures on behalf of our customers. This removes any added stress that may be associated with computers and technology.  We want to make technology as easy as possible for our customers. 

How we are different from other computer service providers.

The promises our competitors make are not always reflected in the field. Our strengths include being able to communicate with customers on a technical level with or without technical terminology. We respect that not everyone has the same knowledge or understanding of technology as we do at Relief IT. We don’t only offer technology services, we also help you understand how it can serve you better.