Crypto Locker virus strikes again

Posted by ReliefTech on October 13, 2016

Computer Services Malvern - Another victim fell into the cryptolocker trap! luckily they contacted us just in time, we were able to copy important data before it was encrypted and made redundant. To remove the virus we had to reformat the computer and reinstall all the applications and data. We also checked the network to see if any other computers were affected but luckily they weren't.

Have you fallen victim to the Cryptolocker virus? If you have here is how to address the issue:

  • Disconnect the computer from the network (to avoid infecting other computers)
  • Power off the computer so the virus cannot encrypt anymore files.
  • Use another computer to download a virus removal tool that targets cryptolocker
  • Have an external harddrive that is empty or has no important data on it so you can transfer any files across from the infected machine
  • Reformat the computer and reinstall drivers, applications and transfer across your salvaged data
  • To prevent Cryptolocker in the first place be very cautious about suspicious emails, and make sure your anti-virus is up-to-date which monitors your emails

Did you know we build computers?

Posted by ReliefTech on October 6, 2016

Computer Services Mornington - Did you know that we dont just provide IT services, we also sell computers, so why 
not contact us today and one of our friendly staff will help apply a package to your suitable needs.  

Install Network Extenders

Posted by ReliefTech on September 27, 2016

Computer Services Pakenham - Client called us requiring internet in his house due to the fact the business moved locations so they only had Internet setup in one location that would not reach the entire property, so we mounted and ran 2 extenders line of sight for a excellent quality fast speed signal with no drop outs. 

Setup network printer

Posted by ReliefTech on September 21, 2016

Printer Setup Bentleigh -  We received a call asking for urgent assistance to setup a network printer for a student who needed to print of an assignment. Went out on-site and we setup a new network printer allowing the user to print from their laptop, mobile phone and iPad. And managed to get it all done before the assignment was due!

Do you have an urgent computer issue? Call us so we can help you get back on track.

Email migration to office 365

Posted by ReliefTech on September 21, 2016

Email migration Cranbourne - One of our business clients was having issues with emails not coming through, being rejected by some business email filters and wasn't removing emails from the server correctly. We provided them with a solution which most large Australian corporations use by using Microsoft Office 365 email Exchange. We copied all their current mailbox settings, setup a hosting provider and updated all the records necessary for the migration to Exchange. We then went out on-site and setup new copies of outlook and made sure they were syncing correctly to the Exchange server.